The postpartum or any healing time can be beautiful and the most demanding of all, so we have taken it upon us to specially design these plant-based meal and snack options for new mothers, parents and other people who need warming meals.

  • Wochenbett Essen: Direkt zu dir nach Hause per Nachtsendung.

    Delivered right to your door via overnight tracked shipping.

  • Wochenbett Essen: Super leicht aufzubewahren und aufzuwärmen.

    Easy to store and re-heat.

  • Wochenbett Essen: Mahlzeiten für deinen Komfort

    Frozen meals for your convenience and comfort.

Our hand-selected Packages

Our other treats

Dein Wochenbett Lieferservice: Stressfrei und bequem. Mehr Zeit für dich und deine Familie

Your benefits ordering our food

More time for you and your family

Meals ready to eat whenever you’re hungry

Doula Approved 
Meals full of with what you need for postpartum

Filling your body 
Warm good food that isn’t just empty calories

Feeding yourself means feeding your baby 
Happy mama, happy baby

Fast & easy
Quick heating options 

Easily stored 
All our meals are freezable 

Eco packaging
Packaging made from recycled or biodegradable material

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