What is self care rituals during postpartum and motherhood?

Ask for help, if its too overwhelming and you need extra support, hire a postpartum doula, a cleaner or maybe ask your family to come and help out.

Hydrate and Nourish, breastfeeding baby can make you super thirsty, keep a big bottle of water wherever you go, water helps energy move through the body and flush the not so nice toxins out.

Move your body, even if your sitting or laying down, stretching. Stretching is possible simply by moving your shoulders, your neck, stretch your arms and release tension each morning and evening

Take each day as it comes, babies will teach you very quickly the importance of remaining present & living in the now. Let go of exceptions, write down what your grateful for and practice mindfulness.

Have a ritual you do everyday just for you and no one else, remember a shower and bath is not self care its basic hygiene.

Connect with like minded mothers, encourage support from friends and family, or someone that you trust and can speak to about the ups and downs that come with your new motherhood experience.

What is self care rituals during postpartum and motherhood?
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