Sibling Tips when welcoming a new baby


1. Communication: Talk to your older child about the upcoming arrival of the baby. Explain what to expect and involve them in preparations. Books, videos of this new change

2. Involvement: Encourage siblings to help with simple tasks related to the baby, such as picking out clothes or singing lullabies.

3. Quality time: Make sure to spend one-on-one time with each child to reassure them of your love and attention. First weeks you will have to spend resting and in bed so activities that require low movement, taking showers together, watching film in bed, reading new books together, drawing in bed!

4. Patience: Understand that siblings may experience a range of emotions, including jealousy or insecurity. Be patient and supportive. Important to call baby OUR baby and not the baby.

5. Routine: Maintain a consistent routine for older siblings to provide stability during the transition, hiring or getting someone who they trust to take them to daycare or school daily while your partner can focus on your and baby the first week.

6. Gifts : Depending on your family values and thoughts on gifts I personally think becoming a big brother or sister needs celebrating! Choose a gift from our baby can be a nice way to break the ice of this first meeting

7. The first meeting: when introducing baby to their sibling it’s important if someone else can hold baby so the older child has full access to you and there is no barriers in between. You both can discover new baby together ❤️✨

Remember, every family is unique, so it’s essential to tailor these tips to fit your specific situation.
Sibling Tips when welcoming a new baby
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