How to connect with your partner after baby. (without sex)

Some suggestions to feel closer to your partner in those first few months after having a baby are:

  • Cooking and eating together


  • Showers and baths, washing each other’s hair or back

  • Holding hands / hugging / kissing / touching each other on the shoulders

  • Offer your assistance with something without asking — for example doing dishes without asking, washing or anything that can make her load less (partners who didn’t have the baby I’m talking to you) 

  • Give each other a massage

  • Start something new together — a puzzle, a show, a course, paint together or anything you might be into

  • Send a thoughtful message saying you are thinking about them — it’s nice to get a love messages after all the planning and organizing you both have to do.

  • Nap together. This will create oxytocin which is a love hormone.


  • Share music — maybe in the mornings yon can listen to something when you are having breakfast


  • Already start planning your first date night after having baby — there is some admin involved such us saving up breastmilk and finding a trusted baby sitter or friend, booking in a date.
How to connect with your partner after baby. (without sex)
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