How Mothers end up Depleted

Mothers often end up feeling depleted due to the demanding nature of motherhood and the significant physical, emotional, and mental toll it takes on them. The constant care for their child, sleepless nights, and the pressure to balance work and family responsibilities can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Furthermore, societal expectations and the lack of adequate support systems can exacerbate this feeling of depletion.

To support new mothers and prevent them from becoming depleted, it is crucial to provide them with a strong support network. Family members, friends, and partners should actively participate in caregiving and household chores, easing the burden on the mother. Additionally, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for mothers to express their feelings and seek help is essential. Encouraging regular breaks, self-care, and promoting mental well-being through activities like mindfulness exercises or counseling can also help alleviate the sense of depletion. Providing access to resources like lactation consultants, parenting classes, and support groups can be immensely beneficial, offering mothers the knowledge and validation they need during this challenging phase. Ultimately, acknowledging and appreciating the sacrifices and efforts of mothers goes a long way in supporting their well-being and empowering them in their motherhood journey.

“If a new mom isn’t allowed to fully recover from the demanding requirements of pregnancy and birth, the after effects can last for years. I’ve treated women who were still depleted ten years after their babies were born.”
Quote from Excerpted from the book The Postnatal Depletion Cure by Dr. Oscar Serrallach

*Germany offers free postpartum in home support thru your health insurance. If your struggling and need extra support contact your midwife or doctor to get a referral then start searching for your postpartum doula. Other names in German are mütterpflegerin.
Facebook groups such as “Berlin Doula Options” or google search in your local area to find the match for you. 








How Mothers end up Depleted
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