Full Muun Package

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In this package we have included all essentials for your postpartum. Seasonal and packed with goodness to help you rest and heal your heroine body.

You can find an overview of our Package Range with suggested Meal Plans here.

We are alternating our meals to Menu 1 and Menu 2, too deliver even more deliciousness variety your way. A breakdown of each menu is down below and can select which week you desire above:

This package includes:
1x Overnight or Ayurvedic Oats (2 servings) - depending of the menu week
1x Lasagna (2 servings)
1x Soup (2 servings)
1x Dhal or Curry (2 servings) - depending of the menu week
1x Puffed Grain Goji Granola 300 g

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Talbina Porridge
Pearl barley, dates, pistachios, coconut milk, oat milk, cardamom

Pumpkin Spinach Lasagna
Onion, Garlic, Spinach, Fresh Basil, Nutmeg, Tofu, Pumpkin, Soy cream, Dried lasagne sheets, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts

Shiitake Miso Soup
Buckwheat/Wheat Soba Noodles, Garlic, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms, Kombu Seaweed, White Miso Paste, Black Pepper, Tofu, Carrots, Nori Seaweed

Blueberry Overnight Oats
Oats, plant based milk, Agave Syrup, Vanilla, Soy yogurt, Sunflower seeds, Blueberries

Red Lentil Dhal
Ghee (vegan: coconut oil), Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Coconut Milk, Red Lentils, Cumin, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric, Carrots, Tomatoes


Mama Choc Banana Bread
Spelt Flour, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Coconut Oil, Agave Syrup, Oat Milk, Bananas, Vegan Choc Chips, Walnuts 

Lentil Lasagna
Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Brown lentils, Fresh Basil, Dried Italian Herbs, Oregano, Mozzarella cheese (non-vegan option), Dried lasagne sheets, Sunflower seeds on top, Cashews

Coconut Chickpea Curry
Coconut milk, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Garam Masala, Tomato paste, Chickpeas, Sweet Potato, Green Veggies, Brown Rice 

Golden Ayurvedic Oats
Oats, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, oat milk, soy yoghurt, agave syrup, raisins, pumpkin seeds

Green Goddess Soup
Onion, Garlic, Zucchini, Kale, Spelt (Grünkern), Coconut Milk, Lemon zest