Do we ship to other cities in Germany?
Yes. We deliver nationwide by Messenger overnight shipping. Please make sure that someone is at home on the day of delivery. Messenger will deliver between 9am - 12pm within Berlin and by 5pm throughout Germany. If you can't be home during this time, we always recommend leaving a message on the doorbell for the driver or have a trusted neighbor to receive the package in your absence. 

Can I freeze the meals to save for later?
Yes of course! We always recommend to freeze the main meals straight away once you have received the package to have them last even longer. Best to eat the breakfasts and treats fresh. The Super Mama Goji Energy Treats, you can freeze also. 

What delivery option should I choose?
There is only one delivery option called Nationwide Shipping. The other option is for the printed gift vouchers only.

What if my baby hasn’t arrived yet, can I still order?
If you want to order for the first week of having your baby, we suggest to order one week after your due date. If baby comes early or later, that's no problem -  just email us and we can figure out a new delivery date.

Delivery costs?
Because we are handling refrigerated food, we have to use Messenger Overnight Courier, where nationwide delivery costs 9,90 €.

Allergies and other food intolerants
All our meals are either vegetarian or vegan or can be made vegan upon request. If you have any concern or worry about an ingredient, please contact us as we can custom-make your meals according to your dietary requirements. We don’t offer gluten-free although most our meals are gf anyway.

Do I have to be a parent to order?
Of course not. You can love healthy nutritious healing meals and order them all to yourself.

Can I postpone my package?
Yes you can. We understand life with a baby is unpredictable so just email us and we can pause your order accordingly.