Why is postpartum care so important?

Culturally around the world many practice rest for 40 days and have rituals full of ancient wisdom. Postpartum in the western world however has become very isolated with partners not being able to get time off work or not having close family and friends around, not to mention the pressures of modern motherhood. Dramatic drops in hormones like estrogen and progesterone can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and without energy, add to this equation sleepless nights that come with raising a newborn. If we neglect this time of recovery and rest, we prolong and potentially dampen the natural healing process. A conscious effort in getting the right atmosphere and care early on in postpartum ensures good health for the future of both you and your new family. Through our care packages, we help assist your body through nutrition, so that you can truly thrive during one of the most precious periods of your life.

How can a meal delivery help after I have a baby?

Having a new member to the family can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, which requires every ounce of your love and attention. We take one important task out of your equation, so you can focus your energy on what truly matters and be truly present for yourself & your new family. Each meal at Mama Muun has been hand picked for their nutritional ingredients and specifically for postpartum restorative healing. The foods you eat during postpartum are just as important as the pregnancy period itself and allows you to keep your energy and mood balanced.

What is the postpartum period?

The Postpartum period starts straight after childbirth as the new mothers hormone levels, uterus size and body shrinks back to non pregnant state. Whatever your birth outcome the first 6 weeks are considered your recovery. Every new mother recovers at a different pace, depending on her baby, body and support received. Change takes place rapidly during this period and each day brings a new development. During the first 3-7 days there is usually uterine bleeding that eventually decreases as time goes on. The abdominal muscles after birth take 6-8 weeks to heal, usually taking longer to restore after a c- section to reduce to what it was before. Lots of physical and emotional changes happen during this time as well. Becoming a mother is an earth shaking experience that brings great presence, growth and knowledge. Postpartum is an inward motion. Once we give birth our body is left in a vulnerable yet oxytocin state.

Why do I need to eat warm healthy meals after giving birth?

The Traditional Chinese way believe the body is naturally cold when you give birth. Blood and Qi (energy) are an essential part in proper healing. During pregnancy the womb is filled with the love and warmth (yang energy) of the mother’s baby; after childbirth, it is empty and cold so it needs to be balanced again. After giving birth the body loses a number of nutrients that need to be replaced. Ways that can support this are nutrient dense warming foods, sleep, rest, hydrate and support. Bringing warmth back to the body after birth helps flush toxins, body aches, increasing milk supply and strengthening your immunity. Meals like green seaweed soup, broth based pumpkin soup, ginger turmeric congee and warming tonic tea is a few of our choices of balanced meals for warming during this time.

What foods support the milk-supply?

You don’t need a specific diet during breastfeeding, many cultures have relied on food and herbs to promote an abundance of milk supply. Galactagogue rich foods as well as foods rich in good ‘unsaturated fats' can support milk-supply mainly found in our dearest friend Oats, Almonds, Barley, Nutritional Yeast, Brown Rice, Fennel, Garlic, Cumin, Ginger, Fresh Turmeric, Fenugreek and Green leafy vegetables. That being said food cannot be the only one thing to support your supply, a correct latch, skin to skin, feeding on demand, rest, sleep, patience (lots of this), hydration and breastfeeding support to name a few for supporting the supply. The body needs up to 500 extra calories to produce milk and make enough nutrients.

What nutrients and foods does my body need to restore after childbirth?

Rich nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B, Proteins, Omega 3's and Fatty acids like Lauric acid are passed to the baby through the breastmilk which makes the baby stronger, while at the same time depleting the mothers body. This makes you often feel more tired and in some extreme cases has been linked to depression. Having a balanced nutrients-dense diet helps prevent ‘baby blues’ and postpartum depression. Eating fibre rich foods also helps ease constipation, a common side effect after birth.

What is self care rituals during postpartum and motherhood ?

Ask for help, if its too overwhelming and you need extra support, hire a postpartum doula, a cleaner or maybe ask your family to come and help out.

Hydrate and Nourish, breastfeeding baby can make you super thirsty, keep a big bottle of water wherever you go, water helps energy move through the body and flush the not so nice toxins out.

Move your body, even if your sitting or laying down, stretching. Stretching is possible simply by moving your shoulders, your neck, stretch your arms and release tension each morning and evening

Take each day as it comes, babies will teach you very quickly the importance of remaining present & living in the now. Let go of exceptions, write down what your grateful for and practice mindfulness.

Have a ritual you do everyday just for you and no one else, remember a shower and bath is not self care its basic hygiene.

Connect with like minded mothers, encourage support from friends and family, or someone that you trust and can speak to about the ups and downs that come with your new motherhood experience.

Can I order if I don’t have a baby or are not pregnant?

Yes of course. Each meal and ingredient has been specifically chosen to heal and nourish. It’s also great eating healthy vegan and vegetarian food for all to be enjoyed. We encourage and promote new parents and mothers to be conscious of what they are eating after birth.

How long do the meals and drinks last?

Once delivered, the meals and drinks keep fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. They can also be placed in a plastic container and be frozen up to 3 months.