How it works:

  1. Include a Full Muun or Super Muun Package in your Doula Fee: 74,90 € or 114,90 € (incl. shipping)

  2. Get a unique code to share with your clients for a complimentary purchase of a Super or Full Muun Package from our online store with shipping included.

  3. We will invoice you for the package but at a discounted price (15%) 

  4. Make a commission as high as 15,75 €* for each package purchased by your clients 

* Because of the 15% discount applied to your invoice, you will receive either 9,75 € for a Full Muun or 15,75€ for a Super Muun package as your commission

Your Benefits:

  1. Maximize your efficiency by dedicating your remaining hours ensuring your clients receive high-quality meals by Mama Muun

  2. Create a unique selling point for your business

  3. Receive passive income

  4. Invoice provided for your bookkeeping and tax deduction

Your Client’s Benefits:

  1. They feel treated with nutritious and delicious meals made with love.

  2. Ease the task of meal preparation, enabling them to focus on their family.

  3. Ensure they have convenient, wholesome food options to support their well-being during this special time.

  4. Allows time for other important things they would want you to focus on during your sessions.

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