Why is postpartum care so important?
Culturally around the world many practice rest for 40 days and have rituals full of ancient wisdom. Postpartum in the western world however has become very isolated with partners not being able to get time off work or not having close family and friends around, not to mention the pressures of modern motherhood. Dramatic drops in hormones like estrogen and progesterone can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and without energy, add to this equation sleepless nights that come with raising a newborn. If we neglect this time of recovery and rest, we prolong and potentially dampen the natural healing process. A conscious effort in getting the right atmosphere and care early on in postpartum ensures good health for the future of both you and your new family. Through our care packages, we help assist your body through nutrition, so that you can truly thrive during one of the most precious periods of your life.

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