What is the postpartum period?

The Postpartum period starts straight after childbirth as the new mothers hormone levels, uterus size and body shrinks back to non pregnant state. Whatever your birth outcome the first 6 weeks are considered your recovery. Every new mother recovers at a different pace, depending on her baby, body and support received. Change takes place rapidly during this period and each day brings a new development. During the first 3-7 days there is usually uterine bleeding that eventually decreases as time goes on. The abdominal muscles after birth take 6-8 weeks to heal, usually taking longer to restore after a c- section to reduce to what it was before. Lots of physical and emotional changes happen during this time as well. Becoming a mother is an earth shaking experience that brings great presence, growth and knowledge. Postpartum is an inward motion. Once we give birth our body is left in a vulnerable yet oxytocin state.

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What is self care rituals during postpartum and motherhood?

Ask for help, if its too overwhelming and you need extra support, hire a postpartum doula, a cleaner or maybe ask your family to come and help out...

Why is postpartum care so important?

Culturally around the world many practice rest for 40 days and have rituals full of ancient wisdom. Postpartum in the western world however has bec...