How can a meal delivery help after I have a baby?
Having a new member to the family can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, which requires every ounce of your love and attention. We take one important task out of your equation, so you can focus your energy on what truly matters and be truly present for yourself & your new family. Each meal at Mama Muun has been hand picked for their nutritional ingredients and specifically for postpartum restorative healing. The foods you eat during postpartum are just as important as the pregnancy period itself and allows you to keep your energy and mood balanced.

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What is self care rituals during postpartum and motherhood?

Ask for help, if its too overwhelming and you need extra support, hire a postpartum doula, a cleaner or maybe ask your family to come and help out...

Why is postpartum care so important?

Culturally around the world many practice rest for 40 days and have rituals full of ancient wisdom. Postpartum in the western world however has bec...