Red Lentil Dhal - 2 Servings

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950 gr, 2 Servings

This comforting postpartum meal is nourishing with all the right iron and good fats. Dahl is high in fiber, iron and protein and therefore substantial for postpartum as it helps with digestion and increases our energy levels.

This indian inspired dish is rich in micro and macro nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein. So this really nourishes your body all the way through. This is similar to a thick stew enjoyed with coriander and yogurt on top with some naan bread or wholemeal dark rye bread.

Ingredients: Ghee (vegan: coconut oil), Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Coconut Milk, Red Lentils, Cumin, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric, Carrots, Tomatoes

Gluten-free. Contains coconut.