Lasagna - 2 Servings

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1 kg, 2 Servings

Our favorite comfort dish is here to stay. This light but filling meal packed full of veggies is designed to give you a carb boost which is what all new parents need for better brain function.

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal with this vegetarian lentil lasagna topped with a creamy cashew sauce. This dish provides a source of protein, fibre and plenty of vitamins to support post-pregnancy health and wellness. The lentils add heartiness while the cashew sauce adds a rich, satisfying flavor. It's a meat-free meal that's sure to please everyone at the table.

Our Pumpkin lasagna is a nutritious and flavorful dish that can be a great option for new mothers after giving birth. It is rich in essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins that are important for recovery and lactation. The pumpkin provides fibre and antioxidants, while the pasta provides complex carbohydrates to help boost energy levels. Additionally, the creamy texture of the dish can be comforting and satisfying, which can help with postpartum stress and depression.

Pumpkin Spinach Lasagna ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Spinach, Fresh Basil, Nutmeg, Tofu, Pumpkin, Soy cream, Dried lasagne sheets, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts
Contains gluten, nuts and soy.

Lentil Lasagna ingredients: Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Brown lentils, Fresh Basil, Dried Italian Herbs, Oregano, Mozzarella cheese (non-vegan option), Dried lasagne sheets, Sunflower seeds on top, Cashews

Contains gluten and dairy (non-vegan option).